Why New Choice Fundraising?

Candy CookiesAt New Choice Fundraising, we have three passions:

  • Quality Fundraising Products that Sell
  • Customer Service, and
  • More Customer Service.

Did we mention our customer service?  You won’t find any more dedicated help in making your fundraising campaigns a success.
We will help you make the right selections for your school fundraiser or sports league fundraiser, including a wide range of delicious fundraising snacks.

  • We will provide a Free, no obligation Product Sampling (valued at $200) so that you can sample the unmistakable quality of the fundraising products we have to offer.
  • At New Choice Fundraising, we don’t make product substitutions and we never “drop and drive” a delivery. 
  • We stay on site and help you and your sellers verify your order.  
  • Damaged or inaccurate orders (a rare occurrence) are fixed onsite from the “extras” we bring along, or replaced ASAP from our company stores, without charge to you!  We never have to reorder for shipment from a supplier.
  • We take back any order not picked up by one of your participants AND you will not be charged for it.
  • There is no minimum order, no delivery fee.

Big Profits for You!

Turtle Drizzle PieFundraising campaigns have one goal: to make money for your school project or sports league.  With our help you can be guaranteed of success. 
Fundraising Success Story:  Penn Trafford Football League increased profits to over $14,000 (with only 173 sellers), almost double the previous year after choosing New Choice Fundraising.
Fundraising Success Story:  Steel Valley Football League increased profits to over $11,500 (only 164 sellers), almost triple the previous year after choosing New Choice Fundraising.

Get Started NowOur Mission:

At New Choice Fundraising, our mission is to raise the standards of school fundraising and sports fundraising in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 
Contact Us to learn more about how our quality fundraising products can make your school fundraiser or sports fundraiser profitable, fun, and hassle free.


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