Fundraising Programs for Sports Leagues

At New Choice Fundraising, we provide all the tools, encouragement, and support you need to hold a successful sports league fundraiser.  

  • We know what sells best for each type of sports fundraising program. 
  • We’ll be happy to put together options for the highest quality, highest profit fundraising program that’s right for you. 
  • Next, we help you take the steps you need to put your teams and your order together. 

We work with you for a clear understanding of expectations on both sides, and we will stand by you as your successful fundraiser unfolds.  Get started today!Cheerleader

Football & Cheerleading Fundraising Programs

Young athletes on the go love our zap a snack pizza and Auntie Anne's™ pretzels. The one thing we are sure of is that when we sit down with you to review the possibilities, we will find the perfect fundraising choices for you and your sellers.

We're looking forward to hearing from you  Contact us today about holding your football or cheerleading fundraiser, to review our many fundraising products and ideas, and to learn more about New Choice Fundraising.

Baseball fielderBaseball & Softball Fundraising Programs

Gourmet goodies can bring big profits to your baseball or softball fundraiser.  Everyone loves our pizzas, mozzarella sticks & pretzels.

But that’s not all!  Contact us today about holding your baseball/softball fundraiser, to review the many available products and ideas appropriate for your fundraiser, and to learn why New Choice Fundraising is the right choice.

Soccer Fundraising Programs

Let’s treat our young soccer stars to delicious fundraising snacks and help them earn their way to a successful season.

We've worked with many local soccer programs, and our individual seller incentive program makes fundraising work!  Contact New Choice Fundraising today about holding your soccer fundraising project, to review the many fundraising products available and talk to us about customizing a program geared to the needs of your soccer program.

Wrestling & Track Fundraising Programs

Our Meals in Minutes selections are great to share with family and friends including Bagel Smackerz, Auntie Anne's Pretzel Dogs, Zap A Snack Pepperoni Pizza, and more.  There are dips, soups, and sweet treats too.  For dessert try our Variety Drizzle Cheesecake, Pumpkin Rolls, or choose from one of our best selling cookie dough varieties.

Want to learn more?   Give us a call today at 724-864-8871