Fundraising Programs for Schools

At New Choice Fundraising, we provide all the tools, encouragement, and support you need to hold a successful fundraiser. 
We know what sells best for each type of school fundraising program.  We’ll be happy to put together options for a high quality, high profit fundraising program that’s right for you.  Our products range from Meals in Minutes and great snacks to delicious desserts, sweet treats, and our irresistable Claudia Layne fudge.  Learn more on our Products page.
We will work with you for a clear understanding of expectations on both sides, and we will stand by you as your successful fundraiser unfolds.  Get started today!

High School and Middle School Fundraisers

High school boy with backpackEveryone savors the flavors of our Zap A Snack French bread pizzas and appreciates our new Bagel Smackerz  with sausage & pepperoni.  Flavorful Fiesta soups and Auntie Anne's soft pretzels and pretzel pockets are big hits!

But that’s not all!  Contact New Choice Fundraising today to review the many fundraising products and ideas appropriate for your fundraiser, and to learn why New Choice Fundraising is the right choice for you!

Preschool & Elementary Schools

Fundraising is not limited to High School and Middle School programs.  At New Choice Fundraising, we have experience working with all education levels, including preschools and elementary schools.  We can offer special programs that keep it simple, fun, and profitable. 

All you have to do is Contact New Choice Fundraising today to learn more about how we can help your school achieve its fundraising goals.  Call us at 724-864-8871