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PretzelsLooking for fundraising tips?  At New Choice Fundraising, we know how to make your fundraising projects successful.  We’ve been doing this for years, watching the trends, and keeping track of our own ups and downs.
We’ve seen fundraisers change from those selling durable goods to those offering popular snack products, and now the field is changing once again with the introduction of exceptional food choices, especially in fundraising for schools.
Of course, what makes fundraising projects successful is different for each age group, each area, each purpose.  High school fundraising plays by different rules than sports league fundraising, and the market for middle school fundraising is different from both.
At New Choice Fundraising, we meet with you to create a fundraising program that is right for your project, your age group, and the market in your community.  It’s not a question of “one size fits all,” it’s a matter of becoming your partner in success.

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Whether yours is a high school fundraising project, a sports league fundraiser, or other project, we know how to motivate your sellers, with prize and incentive programs appropriate to various age groups.

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