Earn a Free Yearbook

How can we help with yearbook sales?

Three ways.

Number One. Cost per copy. The more yearbooks you sell, the lower the cost per copy. If you increase your sale to 300 books, and the cost per copy drops by $10 per book. 300 X 10 = $3,000 savings for you.

Number Two. You’ll also have less remaining yearbooks. 20 less yearbooks lying around on your desk at $60 each is a $1200 savings. Multiply that over 10 years and that is a $12,000 savings.

Number Three. Donations to the Yearbook Club. The average yearbook sale is between 400 and 1200 items. The student receives $5 profit per item. The Yearbook Club’s profit will vary, depending on the amount of time they have been working with us and the amount of the sale.

  • Take for example a 400 to 1200 unit sale for a Yearbook Club that has been working with us for three consecutive years, they’ll receive $1 per item sold. This money can be used to buy equipment or anything else to offset the cost of future yearbook enhancements, etc.
  • In the event of a large sale, 1800 units or more, the student receives $5 profit, and a yearbook club that has been working with us for 5 years or more receives $2 per sale, in addition to the previously mentioned reduced cost per copy and less waste in unsold yearbooks.

The Process

After distribution of brochures, the sale lasts no longer than 2 weeks. You collect the order forms and money. You receive day and time specific delivery. Our driver and rep help you at the delivery.

When our truck arrives, the product will be taken into a central place like your school’s cafeteria. All orders arrive pre-packed for the individual seller, which makes it very easy, with the entire delivery process taking about half an hour.

Finally, we will take back any order that is not picked up, and you will not be charged for it.

Early Signing Bonus

We also have an early signing bonus for yearbook advisors. If you sign up for a school-wide fundraiser by May 31st, the following incentives apply for your personally, or you may elect to divide the bonus among top sellers.

  • If you sell between 600 and 800 units, and the sale starts in the first week of September, you will receive $300 worth of product, your choice.
  • If you sell 700 units and start 2nd week of September, $150 worth of free product is your bonus.
  • Start in the third week of September, and a $100 bonus in free product is yours.

These bonuses are graduated because, through experience, we know that the earlier you start your sale, the bigger the sale is going to be.

This bonus is for you personally, or you can share with top sellers, or with your Yearbook Club.

Want to know more? We can provide many references to share with you, from other advisors like yourself as well as from yearbook reps who wouldn’t use our programs if they weren’t proven and successful.

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