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Do you have questions about how to run a successful school fundraiser?  Need some fundraising tips?

Here are some common questions and answers from New Choice Fundraising.  Fundraising Programs from New Choice Fundraising

Or, you can contact New Choice Fundraising at any time.  We would be glad to answer your questions and to help your school or organization develop a successful fundraiser this year.

What fundraising products do you have?

The list is almost endless.  To make things easy for you, we have brochures and flyers that apply to many specific projects, from a school fundraiser to a sports league fundraiser and more.  From pizza to cheesecake, we have a stunning variety of fundraising products!  To view our brochures, visit our Fundraising Products page.

Is helping with high school fundraisers all you do?

Of course not.  

WSoccer Fundraiser by New Choice Fundraisinge work with middle schools, elementary schools, sports leagues, and other organizations. 

No matter your needs, we can create a custom fundraising program for you.  We can help with:

Is it difficult to hold a fundraiser?

Not with New Choice Fundraising!  We stand by you and advise you each step of the way.  Our goal is not to sell you a supply of products and wish you luck.  We help you work out the best fundraising strategy for your project, advise you on team organization, help you check your order and more.  This is full service fundraising at its best.

What kind of profits can we make?

PieBig profits!  $10,000, $14,000 and more.  Our schools have reported fundraising increases of $10,000 over the previous year, and often comment about “our most profitable fundraiser ever.”  In fact, once we know the number of sellers you will have and the fundraising products you choose, we can calculate your anticipated profits.

Have you worked with anyone in our area?

We service a wide area, including the Pittsburgh region, much of Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and all of West Virginia. Contact us, and we will be happy to supply you with references in your area.

CookiesCan you help us with a fundraiser idea?

We can help you find the best fundraiser idea for your school, sports league, or organization.  The products will be appropriate to the age of your teams and they will be known best sellers, making your job easy.

Can we try some of your fundraising products?

Even better, we will hold a no obligation product sampling valued at $200.  We want you to experience the quality of these great foods and treats for yourself.  Take some home and let your family taste the difference Pumpkin rolltoo!

What if an order is damaged or inaccurate?

At New Choice Fundraising, we help you verify your delivery. If something is damaged or missing (a rare occurrence), we will replace it within a week of the delivery.

Is there a minimum order for fundraising products?

No.  There is no minimum order necessary and no delivery fee.

What do I need to do to find a great fundraiser idea or hold a successful fundraiser?

All you need to get started is our phone number: 724-864-8871.  Give New Choice Fundraising a call or Contact Us today.

Contact us today to learn more about how New Choice Fundraising can help you develop a successful fundraiser.

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