About New Choice Fundraising

New Choice Fundraising is located in Irwin, PA, part of the Norwin region and one of the fastest growing areas in Pennsylvania.  New Choice has been serving schools just like yours for decades and has an amazing track record of success. 

According to local owner Charles Grudowski, “Our mission is to help raise the standards of school fundraising and sports fundraising in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and West Virginia. When you hear the confidential referrals and testimonials we can provide, you'll know you've made the right choice. Once you've experienced the success of a New Choice fundraiser, you'll work with us year after year. 

"In fact, the deals just keep getting better, with our most loyal customers getting the greatest discounts and earning the greatest profits after 5 years and more with New Choice Fundraising. Call us at 724-864-8871. We can help you too!"

Raising the Standards of Fundraising means:

  • Delicious fundraising products and snacks as well as a wide assortment of traditional fare.
  • No minimum order and no delivery fees.
  • Onsite help with verifying your delivery.

Your school, sports league, or organization can make big profits with a properly run fundraising campaign, and New Choice Fundraising wants to make it easy for you.  If you’ve never had a fundraiser before, we’ll stand by you and walk you through the process one step at a time.  What could be easier?

Whether you are interested in school fundraising or sports fundraising, our products are only the best.  Our food selections are not only taste-tested by the owner and staff, but we share these products with our families, neighbors, and friends.  And you can sample them before you buy. 

No Obligation Product Sampling

We would love to hold a no-obligation product sampling for you, so that you can experience our quality fundraising products for yourself!

Decades of Fundraising Experience. 

  • We know what products are hot-sellers right now!
  • We can recommend appropriate selections for you based on your goals, the age of your sellers, and the nature of your project (what works for an middle school fundraiser may not be the same as for a high school fundraiser or a midget football league fundraiser).
  • It’s not all candy!  We know more and more schools want delicious fundraising snacks, and we have them. 
  • We have incentive programs for sellers of all ages.
  • We have unique fundraising programs our competition hasn’t even dreamed of.  (Shhh!  We’ll tell you when you call.)

At New Choice Fundraising, customer service is everything.  If you want to be treated well, benefit from our professional fundraising expertise, and hold a successful fundraiser for big profits, contact us today.  There’s no obligation.  You have nothing to lose.

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